Well known as the City of Light, Paris is the capital city of France. Founded in the 3rd century BC, it was for long the largest city in the western world and the most populated city in Europe.

Paris is the most visited capital in the world, with 42 million tourists per year in the Parisian Region. Representative of the French way of life, Paris spreads its cultural influence all over the world: art, architecture, fashion and food.

The city hosts over 1800 buildings protected as historical monuments. From the antic Arenas of Lutèce to the medieval Notre-Dame gothic cathedral and the Baron Haussmann's renovation during the Second Empire, Paris has known many transformations over the past centuries.

The city hosts many museums and art galleries, as it’s been an inspiration for many artists during the Baroque, Classical, Impressionist or Contemporary era.

City of elegance and fashion, Paris hosts every twice a year the Paris fashion week, where professionals and amateurs gather around la mode.

Ambassador of the French cuisine, Paris has thousands of restaurants on its ground, offering typical savours from France, and elsewhere in the world.

Crossed by the Seine river, its geographical position has given its motto: Fluctuat nec mergitur, Tossed but not sunk. An omen for this great city, which shall remain astonishing for the centuries to come.


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